Waist Slimmer

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500/- Ex Tax: 500/-

It has an extra firm compression which helps flatten abdomen bulge and provides support to weak abdo.....

Sale Enamor Shapewear BR08
1,075/- 968/- Ex Tax: 968/-

Feel like you're wearing next to nothing in this seamless hi-waist slimmer that gives you a gorgeous.....

Sale Enamor Shapewear BS02
1,599/- 1,439/- Ex Tax: 1,439/-

Look  your best all day in this torso shaper and thigh slimeer specially kintted to give a seam.....

Sale Enamor Shapewear BS07
1,200/- 1,080/- Ex Tax: 1,080/-

The secret tot an elegant, hourglass figure is here. This torso slimmer effortlessly smoothens your .....

Sale Enamor Shapewear TS04
1,975/- 1,778/- Ex Tax: 1,778/-

Flat tummy, toned thighs, firm butt and smooth hips, get them all in one go. This simply elegant hi-.....

Sale Enamor Shapewear TS09
1,175/- 1,057/- Ex Tax: 1,057/-

Look great from all angles in this hi-waist thigh slimmer that lets you enjoy a flatter tummy, trimm.....

Sale Enamor Shapewear WC01
799/- 720/- Ex Tax: 720/-

Say goodbye to muffin tops and hello to a sleeker waistline with this waist cincher. It smoothens ou.....

Sale Enamor Shapewear WC06
1,175/- 1,056/- Ex Tax: 1,056/-

This hi-stretch polyamide waist slimmer begins right below the bust, gently hugs your tummy ans sits.....